Detect the threats that matter. Streamline and scale your workflow.


Gainlot are a team of experts, experienced technologists and engineers who have designed and built reliable network infrastructures. Our key of success is by building a monitoring software which enables our user to be able to control and keep track every layer of the network system.


Gainlot creates every technologies with security in mind. We protect your network with a malware detector, intrusion preventor and VPN gateway. This protection will block harmful traffic within your network thus providing a secure access to authorized users. Every activity and threats are fully logged and reported back to user.


Data explosion are now a threat to today's every business. Storage shortage will result in revenue lost. Gainlot provides data center solution packed with programmable network systems which will not only raise data delivery speed, but also give insights of historical logs of data transmission to end users.


We offer to upgrade your company's performance to help it reach a faster and reliable service that can propel your growth. Gainlot have the skill sets to perfectly setup, fix and educate your staff to our product and services. By that, you will be able to fully utilize and maintain your assets.



Our sophisticated Threat Security Protocol delivers a full fledge protection to identify and block even the most aimed attacks on networks. Mixing malware and botnet detection, transmission detection, command and control, we identify and isolate, attacks and protocol probes. Our web protection constantly monitors malicious content to ensure your safety.


We have engineered our hardwares and softwares to deliver the performance you need. Gainlot brings unbeatable network solutions that are cost efficient, more connection reliability and superb bandwidth traffic. We strive to exceed your expectation and that is why we always offer the most updated and latest tech available to ensure you that you'll get the very best.


It is essential that the elements of a software should have simplicity, intuitive, and easy to configure while having full fledge of options to utilize both network and all its components. Gainlot's network configuration system cover this aspect while being user friendly to quickly adapted by user.


Our network solution comes with a broad set of latest security technologies, our unique VPN portal automatically implant to the core of all platforms, ranging from windows to linux. We detect issues and report them before they become a threat.