About Us

Gainlot offers a complete integrated solutions that deliver constant network performance in one unified network software allowing unprecedented configuration for end users to have a better data management, cost effective facilities, robust technology, superb data transmission and world-standard security. All of this while giving them an easy to configure and monitored environment with secured protection.

Gainlot develops user friendly, smarter and budget friendly business-class IT solution for every business. Our solution assure IT administrators to gain insights and effectively locate, manage and secure their existing enterprise networks systems, software and communications. Gainlot is committed to its ability to deliver trusted expertise in IT solutions that exceed our customer's expectations.


We are passionate about delivering the highest quality of technology solutions that prioritize our customer's needs. We are moved to provide their business with high performance, fast, and reliable IT Solutions. At Gainlot, every customer is an important partner. We design our products and services with them in our mind. We are committed to their success and we look forward to working with them in the near future.