For companies that want exclusive dedicated server, Gainlot can deliver sophisticated data center that provide a fully controlled operating environment. We are able to build or upgrade existing data centers to provide best insight solution that suits your needs.

Gainlot will then implement the data center with all essential equipment and seamlessly connect to your existing data center's backbone. With our infrastructure design, we ensure your safety and reliability of your data.


Security is essential in every part of technology aspect. At Gainlot, our Security solutions leave you free from any threat. Our close understanding and constant learning of Security is what allows us to offer excellent solutions with full fledge protection.

To design a security solution that's customized for our customers, an intricate understanding of security is required. All security measures are implemented with the aim of managing risks and threats. We are able to provide solutions to the problems of physical as well as network security.


Gainlot delivers fast, secure and reliable network connectivity that’s easy to implement. We handle the hassle of planning and implementing your network infrastructure. Our solution focus on eliminating costly recurring service fees and deliver excellent services.

With us, you will reduce monthly occuring operating cost, and you own all the peripherals with just a one time fee. Worry not, we have the essential tools and hardware that are tailor to your business needs that will deliver high quality network performance.


We involve customers to our cost effective, responsive, productive and attractive, web and mobile applications for their enterprise. We custom made our softwares to suit each of our customers demands.

We carefully to listen to client needs and offer customized solutions for their enterprise applications requirements. We also make modifications to guarantee that the flexibility of software we made as we always aim to exceed our customer's expectations.